Extensive Showroom & Expertise


We are here to make the choice of plumbing fixtures as easy as possible, and possibly, to have some fun doing it. We provide expertise in Plumbing through

  • Knowledge > We know the plumbing fixtures that are on the market, so you don’t have to go to the effort of looking at every possible website just to reassure yourself that you have looked at everything before you make the final decisions.
  • Integrity > We are an independent showroom, so we can show you lines that most showrooms are not able to because of business affiliations.
  • Research > We make a point of researching each line, to become familiar with it. That way, when you have a particular look in mind, we can pull a few catalogues that start to fulfill your dreams.
  • Innovation > Through a process of working through the catalogues together, we will pull your plumbing fixtures together painlessly and within the budget that you have in mind.
How we can help

How we can help

Just Add Water are Plumbing Fixtures Experts. We have knowledge of what your plumber and contractor need. We have experience that you can draw on to create the bath of you dreams or the perfect kitchen. We are detail oriented so we can foresee the little pitfalls and work through them with you.

What we Offer

What we offer

We specialize in knowledge; knowledge of plumbing fixtures, knowledge of the building process, and knowledge of price points. We are part of your creative team to develop your dream.

Hire Us Today

Hire Us Today

It’s easy to work with us. Call us to arrange a Free Consultation and find out how Just Add Water can simplify your planning process and supply high quality plumbing fixtures at competitive prices. Visit our Specialities page to learn more about how we can help you on your project.

Meet our Founder

Meet our Team

We have a huge amount of knowledge about many aspects of the building industry, with a focus on the plumbing aspect. Visit our About us page to learn more about our team.